Eurovision 2014: Hosts revealed and… it is Copenhagen, right?

Just realised I hadn’t said a word about the announcement for 2014’s Eurovision hosts yet. Too busy posting about Måns Zelmerlöw naked on a wrecking ball. Oh well, I picked my side…

DiamondSo yeah, Eurovision eh? Still feels quite distant, I guess 3 months isn’t that far away, but we’ve not got many entries selected yet. Maybe that’s it. I’ve just got a lot on my plate, right?

THREE hosts will be in control when Europe’s favourite TV show rolls into Denmark. DRT wanted it to be different to Sweden’s show, you see. I suppose if they wanted to be really contrary they’d either have to pick non presenters or 4+. Either way, it’s not too much of a shock, 2010-2012 had hosting trios. Whatever happened to just having two? I don’t care, it’ll be fine I’m sure. Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk are the hosts.

Lise has already cut her teeth on 4 seasons of Danish X-Factor and the Danish national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Nikolaj is a musician who has dabbled with presenting on radio in recent years. Pilou seems to have attracted the most attention, because it’s “him off of Borgen”. I haven’t seen “Borgen” though so I can’t comment. He’s cute though. I’ve only watched 2 episodes of “The Bridge” so far, I’m a late bloomer.

esc 2014 hosts

A strange rumour took a little of the attention from the big reveal a few days ago – was Eurovision moving to Herning after all? What a stupid rumour, they’re still building the venue, why would they move it now? Danish papers were printing those rumours, which were scotched the following day. Not much of a story really, just surprised it managed to get any traction!

Can you tell I’m a bit too tired to do much of a post today? I wanted to cover this stuff though, so button it. With love :).

I’m still in full flow with the national finals – I’m hoping Melodifestivalen will keep me afloat while I trudge through some of the more dreadful nations selecting though. It’s quite an even spread though, we’ve got Malta this weekend, Iceland & Lithuania the following weekend, and Hungary & Latvia the weekend after. There’s possibly 24 national finals left though, I’m hoping a few of them decide to internal selection though, there are only so many hours in the day. I’d rather not spend them immersed in the Latvian music scene, but I do this all for you, dear reader.


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