Single: Zedd ft Hayley Williams – “Stay the night” (2014)

Who is Zedd? I seem to keep accidentally hearing (and liking) his stuff without knowing it’s him, but I think 2014 is the year we’ll hear a lot more about him.

zedd stay the nightRussian-born and grown up in Germany, Anton Zaslavksi has been quietly making a name for himself on the world EDM scene for a few years now, and those efforts are bearing fruit in the mainstream market now.

Remember Bieber & Minaj’s “Beauty and a beat“? That was him. What about “ARTPOP” tracks “Aura“, “G.U.Y.” & “Donatella” for Lady Gaga? Him too. He’s just won a Grammy for his track “Clarity” featuring up-and-coming Foxes on vocals. Now he’s teamed up with Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams to jump-start his 2012 album “Clarity” with a re-release.

Could he turn out to be the next big thing? Who knows. The EDM scene is still doing well in the mainstream, even if the likes of Guetta, Avicii and Calvin Harris do seem to be dominating things. From what I’ve heard, he seems a little more versatile than those acts, even if there isn’t anything massively new going on. He’s hot too…

zeddI’d seen the video a lot in the gym already, it’s very eye-catching and flame-haired Hayley is as watchable as ever. But I couldn’t hear the audio and having heard it since, it’s not the song I thought it would be. I suppose I expected something rockier or noiser to get the best out of Hayley, but it feels a little too restrained. There are moments when the beat drops etc., and I’m sure it will translate to the clubs fine, but where’s the noise?

That said, this sort of thing is right up my street, female-vocalled EDM with a proper tune? Of course I’m enjoying it. It’s even got Cloud Campos on dancer duty, love it! I’ll be very interested to see what more I hear from Zedd anyway, I’m sure this is going to be his year.


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