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Single: Zedd ft Hayley Williams – “Stay the night” (2014)

Who is Zedd? I seem to keep accidentally hearing (and liking) his stuff without knowing it’s him, but I think 2014 is the year we’ll hear a lot more about him.

zedd stay the nightRussian-born and grown up in Germany, Anton Zaslavksi has been quietly making a name for himself on the world EDM scene for a few years now, and those efforts are bearing fruit in the mainstream market now.

Remember Bieber & Minaj’s “Beauty and a beat“? That was him. What about “ARTPOP” tracks “Aura“, “G.U.Y.” & “Donatella” for Lady Gaga? Him too. He’s just won a Grammy for his track “Clarity” featuring up-and-coming Foxes on vocals. Now he’s teamed up with Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams to jump-start his 2012 album “Clarity” with a re-release. Continue reading


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