Single: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Young Blood” (2014)

It’s been a long road for Sophie. I remember her back in the late 90s with her indie band ‘theaudience’ who had a handful of mid-table hits before disbanding. Then came Spiller and “Groovejet” and suddenly she ended up with one of the year’s biggest hits, one that seems to be impossible to mention without the context of preventing Victoria Beckham getting a No.1.

sophie ellis bextor young bloodThis momentum was enough to give her a hit album and a string of top 10 singles. Since then it has been a series of diminishing returns that saw Sophie experiment with different sounds. Cool pop, commercial dance, and now a more acoustic style.

So far the album looks to be doing well (though it’s all relative now, with the album market in the toilet). Buoyed by her success reaching the final of last month’s Strictly Come Dancing, she hasn’t squandered the new attention from the Radio 2 market, and seems to be doing well. Whether a new chapter has begun for her is too soon to tell though.

The lead single “Young Blood” at least it looking like it may become her first Top 40 single as a solo artist for 4 years, and slots nicely into that acoustic female sound that’s serving the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and (when it suits her) Ellie Goulding well at the moment.

It’s quite a sweet song, it took a few listens to get going, it’s certainly not an instant hit. By this point I at least know that the accent isn’t being faked, and while her slightly nasal voice is an acquired taste in large portions, there’s a pleasant lightness to this gentle love song.

It has piqued my interest for the album at least, and I guess that’s the point of a single. I’m just rooting for her really, she’s one of the more interesting singers to come out during my watch, and I just wonder what on Earth she’ll do next.

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