Single: Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne – “Rather Be” (2014)

Is this another installment in my doomed investigation into UK dance music hitting No.1? I just feel like I don’t GET it these days. I mean I can see the commercial appeal of Avicii and Calvin Harris, but things like that Storm Queen song, and Martin Garrix, they just leave me totally cold. That goes for the ongoing obsession with Disclosure too.

clean bandit rather beIn fact, Clean Bandit’s first hit, “Mozart’s House” fit squarely into the latter group, really didn’t like that. But now they’ve just had a huge No.1 so I should at least give it a go, lest I lose touch with chart music altogether. Fortunately it turns out that this is a nice dance track with a chorus and melody and everything. Was that so hard?

The cute – if slightly disturbing – Tokyo-filmed music video looks lovely too. It’s a fairly simple melody, embellished with some strings in the right places. Jess Glynne is a nice 90s throwback of a vocalist, with some husky Adele tones in there. Dare I say it, it makes me think of a Dina Carroll song or something.

I can at least see why it has become a hit, even if I’m a little surprised by the scale of it. I guess it seems to have crossed over, snaring both Radio 1 listeners and casual listeners from commercial radio. I’d rather this than a lot of recent No.1s anyway. I guess my generation gap is showing…


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