There’s been a murder

I was feeling a bit mopey yesterday. I don’t think it was a hangover from my overindulgence on Friday, I think a well-played Big Mac saw that off. No, it was grey and rainy outside and I had no big desire to go outside so I thought I’d watch some TV for a change.

doctor and marthaWell I say TV, I hardly ever watch broadcast TV. Mainly it’s because I’ve got such a shitty aerial I can barely pick up BBC1, and the occasional channel I can watch in my bedroom I have to be laying down to watch because otherwise I disturb the signal.

My next stop therefore is BBC’s iPlayer, and sometimes stuff I’ve downloaded because it’s only on in America. I’ve had a bit of a boxset binge, and Doctor Who is my current revival after all that anniversary stuff last year. Over the weekend I managed to get through half of Series 3 (i.e the Martha series), it’s rather addictive despite a few dud episodes. I like Martha, she’s much better than people make out – mind you, I think there’s always someone hating on the companion, whoever they are. I’m quite excited by Catherine Tate’s series though, I haven’t seen that in a while.

There’s a lot of death in it though, I don’t really think about Doctor Who having that much in it, but barely an episode goes by without a charred corpse here or a disintegrated civilian there. So I’ve had that to deal with.

sherlockAfter having my fill of Doctor Who for a bit, I put on some Sherlock. I haven’t seen any of it before, so I bought the Series 1 & 2 boxset and watched the first episode last week, which I enjoyed. Episode 2 not so much though, I don’t know if I wasn’t in the right frame of mind or what… and despite watching back-to-back Doctor Who episodes easily, the idea of putting on a 90 minute episode of Sherlock leaves me a bit cold. There’s a psychological reason I’m sure, but I think it’s more that I just don’t really fancy it. But anyway, more murders.

After watching that, I decided then to watch the first episode of Bron, or The Bridge in English. Having downloaded the whole series, I was dismayed to see that it didn’t have subtitled, so I ended up watching a medium quality version online. It’s rather good, I think I’m just more keen to like it though. I get to feel superior at watching a foreign-language thing (it’s on BBC Four!), and I can scratched that itch left by the Dragon Tattoo trilogy I read a few years ago.

broen bronIt’s quite good, if a little grey so far. I wasn’t sure to start with if the Swedish detective Saga was a bit strange, or if that’s just what snippy Swedes are like, but it looks like an interesting pairing. Plus I get to coo every time there’s a shot of Malmö or Copenhagen and try to recognise where it is.

But yeah… more murders! Am I doing this on purpose? I never really liked crime thriller things, but I guess that’s sort of what I’m watching. Perhaps I’d cheer up a bit if I watched something more light-hearted. Apparently Cougar Town is back, maybe I should filter that into my viewing patterns.


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