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Letting go

Bit of a short one, I’m not really here today. When this gets posted, I would have been up since 5.45 to run a job on my work’s virtual desktop system, driven to work – picking up my work-friend en route – for 7am and been busily preparing the delivery of the big project at 12.00 to thousands of people around the world. Not going to say much more about that, only that it’s pretty stressful and it all has to be right.

Except it’s not just about getting the job done, it’s possibly the last time I’ll ever do this project, having done it 6 times a year for just over 6 years. It’s also the last time for my work-friend (that sounds so impersonal, he’s my friend but we work together too). Today’s his last day before he moves to a different department. It’s still on my floor but it’ll be a big void in my working life either way. Hopefully that void won’t be filled by me having to do all his work. Continue reading


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