Album: Camille Jones – “Surrender” (2004)

Bit of a random album to review I know, I tend to be rather mainstream, but this has been floating in my “to listen” pile way too long. Camille Jones isn’t exactly a household name in the UK, perhaps not even in homeland Denmark. But she caught my attention way back in 2007 (holy shit, that’s 7 years ago…) when unspeakably sexy Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand – seriously, Google Images search, thank me later – chose Camille’s “The Creeps” as his 2nd major UK single and took it to the top 10.

camille jones surrenderThe video caught my eye – not the tedious dance music video treatment including identikit slutty secretaries indulging in all sorts of submissive behaviour for their hot manager (it’s OK though girls, the postman is even more oppressed, guess it’s all OK then). No, it was Camille and her jerky dance moves, it just sort of hypnotised me. The song itself was amazing too, but nowhere near as sexual as the album version. So here we are, with Camille’s 2004 album.

08 Welcome Stranger – Love that pulsing guitar riff, it’s got a great urgency that catches my ear straight away. She’s got a very sexy voice, almost spoken-word. She’s playing the siren card well, I like how the layers build through the song. It’s just got a good energy to it, good start.

10 The Creeps – So here’s that song in its original form, I’m sure I’ve got an extended mix somewhere. That bombom-bom-ba-bom beat is so addictive, I love it! Those shimmery synths are amazing too. That sexy murmuring voice is put to good use here too, a triumph! In addition to this album version, the Gauss remix (that I mistook for an original single version) is even weightier and dark, amazing! Triple Trouble…

07 Woman – A more sedate acoustic track to follow up. Camille’s lovestruck too, or just in need of a special something… there’s a sort of RnB tinge to the chorus. I like this more than the remix added to the end of the tracklist, the sound fits the feel of the song more I think. Another solid track, I feel like she could sing anything and make it sound sexy.

08 Surrender – A bit of a funk in the mix now. It sounds really cheesy when I say that, but it IS funk, right? More breathy vocals, I guess this sort of track is a bit more out of my comfort zone but I sort of still like it. I think it’s got one of the stronger chorus lines anyway, I’ve found myself thinking of this song a lot during the week.

09 Here comes Maddy – No… not that Maddy, before you ask. This is a real highlight for me, the lightest of guitar basslines, leaving Camille to paint the picture with such a subtly expressive vocal. The girl in question effortlessly snares the men, but Camille sounds more weary than jealous of her, there’s a bittersweet feel to it that I really like, and a softer edge that we haven’t had yet. Love the breakdown about two-thirds in as well.

08 What about you – More simple but effective acoustic guitar riffs, garnished with some well-placed outbursts of synthy swirls. I love that breathy stop-start tempo, can’t get enough of it… yeah… hah hah! I get a bit caught up in the song to think to much about what it’s about though. But I’m enjoying it whatever.

07 Let me stay – With some albums I think I like it a lot until I sit down for a track-by-track review and realise it’s a bit average, but I’m enjoying this a lot more tonight (I’m not drunk). In this case I love the melody on this one, it’s another gentle acoustic strum-along as the simplest accompaniment to Camille’s vocals. I get the impression she hasn’t got the most powerful voice, but the production is pitched so well not to drown her out. Power isn’t everything, her tone and expression is really top-grade. Another hypnotic one.

07 On a ride – But let’s get more energy into this album, and another killer guitar hook kicks off this psychadelic midtempo track. They don’t lay it on too thick with the effects, it’s just ‘influenced’ by that sound rather than defined by it. It’s maybe a little forgettable but enjoyable in the moment.

08 Dancing with the devil – I looked at this tracklist and thought I’d never remember all these songs, but there are little moments in all these songs I remember so well. In this it’s the little backing vocals – “bah bahhhh”. For a serious-sounding title like that, it’s a surprisingly light-hearted closing track, almost dizzy with love. Summery and a breeze to listen too, how lovely!

I’m glad I made time for this album, it’s been a little hidden gem. Also I get to feel smug because I think 99% of the UK wouldn’t know who Camille was. Better late than never, this album is ten years old now so I guess I’ve got some catching up to do!

Keepers for the iPod: Welcome Stranger, The Creeps, Surrender, Here comes Maddy, What about you, Dancing with the devil

There aren’t a lot of videos of these album tracks, but you want 3x The Creeps? Done!


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