Single: Katy B – “Crying for no reason” (2014)

A bit of credibility finally! Who am I kidding… but still, Katy B is fairly critically acclaimed isn’t she? I’m not so worried about that but I’d heard good things about her comeback, and I really loved “Broken Record” from the first album.

katy b crying for no reasonThis is great though, and not what I expected from her, she was a dubstep artist last time we saw her I’m sure. Instead “Crying for no reason” is like subtly synthed-up Emeli Sande song, and it’s far better than that lazy description makes it sound.

I’ve always sort of liked her as an artist but I’ve just never really been into dubstep. She’s got a good voice, I suppose I worried it might be a bit droney for a whole album. It’s not a million miles away from a mix of Keisha & Mutya from Sugababes/MKS, i.e. deep and expressive but not losing the melodic pop vocal side of it.

This is a real slow burner, I think it might get a lot of casual interest even if commercial radio might ignore it. Still, I don’t think she’s due a Radio 1 snub or anything so I suspect she’ll be alright.

That video is simple but effective, I love the simple but effective visuals that don’t distract so much from Katy emoting like her life depends on it. Great hairdo too, very NOIR (or something).

Anyway not much more I can say about it other than tip my cap for a great song. I might need a bit more coercion to try a whole album but never say never.


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