Single: Kylie Minogue – “Into the blue” (2014)

January is rubbish. Honestly what is there to be thankful for? Christmas indulgence guilt, Winter setting in, a bare music release schedule after the big holiday rush. But hark! What is that? It’s Kylie on the comeback trail.

kylie into the blueEvidently this was a New Year’s Resolution for her, get back into the spotlight. After a rewarding round of anniversary activities for 2012’s “K25”, it’s been rather quite on the Kylie front. But now she’s been enlisted as a judge in The Voice UK, and there’s a new single out, and we’re only 3 weeks into the new year.

Dance Kylie is still in power, after 2010’s reasonable “Aphrodite” saw her flirt with bright summery dance music once more. It was a bit hit and miss, but it spawned “All the lovers” that I later decided was my favourite ever Kylie song. “Into the blue” picks up where that left off, more euphoric dance-pop, perhaps with more of an edge. Not that you can imagine Kylie ever being particularly edgy, but there are hints of overcoming adversity set to a bright dance-pop soundtrack with some dark electro undertones in places.

Actually it’s just like a Stuart Price remix of Delta Goodrem’s “Sitting on top of the world” if such a thing existed… maybe.

This is only on my tinny laptop speakers so I suspect blasting out in the car will be an entirely different experience, but I really rather like it. Those opening “Yea-oh-oh-oh-oh” notes make me think of Taio Cruz or something dreadful but it doesn’t last. That pulsing chorus is the main attraction though, it’s a “fuck you” attitude told by someone who would probably never say “fuck you”

I like the overall picture but melodically I’m not sure I’m quite hooked on it yet. There are plenty of boxes ticked though, including some strings (<3), and I mean it’s KYLIE. I’m excited for this album, I just hope it’s out soon, and that she never leaves us for this long again. One question though, why the hell are they waiting until mid-March to release this!?

I’d love to link to this but I’ve only heard it on unofficial Soundclouds and quickly-shut Youtube videos so for now just enjoy this Delta Goodrem song and imagine really hard…


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