I made up a word today if I achieved nothing else. It was supposed to be like blog purgatory. Yes, despite a bit of a breather yesterday when my laptop seemed to be more like its old self, it’s not having a good evening. It’s asked me to do a hard disk check though, which it’s been happily chugging through for the last 2 hours. At least it has found some bad bits and if I understand what I’m reading (I probably don’t) then they aren’t major. Fingers crossed.

Have I got much to report though? I’m not sure how much you’d be interested but without being able to blog properly – I’m on the iPad and don’t seem to be able embed images among other things – I suppose we will have to make do.

I’ve been filling the time by watching the first David Tennant season of Doctor Who, it’s pretty damn good, I’ve only watched the first half so far, but it’s super. I did a bit of amazon shopping with my Xmas vouchers too, a Japanese textbook, some headphones and the new Beyoncé album.

I was amazed that it’s one of the biggest sellers in the UK at the moment but Sainsburys isn’t stocking it, scandalous! I wonder how they are justifying that. You’d think they’d be desperate to sell CDs, they’ve got “ARTPOP” for £4 already!

Anyway I am really enjoying the Beyoncé album, probably the first solid album she’s ever done despite so many amazing singles. I’m just excited to watch the video album, I’ll try to review that at the weekend. I need to turn around this very sudden decline in views! Not too major but it spoilt my nice run of 200+ view days.

Still, no matter. I just want to get back to normal. Not exactly a crowd pleaser but I’d been planning to kick off the 2014 Eurovision season with the Ukrainian national final writeup too! Never mind, we will get there in the end.

But until then I’ll wait and see what this disk checkup comes up with… Later! X


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