The end is nigh. That’s why I’m typing this blog post on my iPad for perhaps the first time ever. It’s not too hard to type, but it’s got that dull thumping noise like there are ninjas scurrying across the roof or something.

laptop explodeAnyway the end is nigh because it’s beginning to look like my laptop is facing a sudden decline. It had a big brain fart when it was loading Windows earlier, during which it forgot all about the graphics drivers and switched to a weird giant resolution. I’ve managed to pull it through that, but it just keeps falling over… It’s 4 years old so maybe this is IT.A bit of a pain really, financially this isn’t the best time, but I might be able to swing something and get a new one. But for now it’s time to do a depressingly familiar evacuation onto a friendly external drive to make sure I don’t lose much.

Controversially I seem to have moved to save my music before the photos. At least the good photos are on Facebook if all hell breaks loose. Sigh. I don’t need this. I’m a bit excited about how far laptop technology might have moved in the last 4 years, goodness knows what they might be capable of. But whatever, as long as the wireless card is good and I don’t have to pirate any Microsoft software (for legitimate reasons, I bought a real version of Office, sadly lost to my old hard drive along with the licence number I never seemed able to get back, go a dodgy copy makes us even).

So please bear with me through this difficult time. It seems to be the lucid old computer I know and love after it’s got through about 15 minutes of absent-minded idling, so many there’s hope yet. Later! Xx


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