Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Out with the old, in with the new

New Year has hit my town, and as I’m about to reach the 7 month anniversary of my town, I wonder how much there really is left to accomplish. I had a similar moment of doubt at the end of summer during my quest to get a scorpion, but really I am ticking off a lot of boxes now. But let’s get back to that.

group danceNew Year was celebrated in style, with Isabelle leading the celebrations with a rather elaborate party machine on my plaza. Crazy Redd was there too, selling New Year hats and party poppers (I stocked up). All my villagers were out on the plaza when the big moment finally came. Some of them more frantic with excitement than others, granted but a nice turnout. I even got a record number of them indulging in the Shrunk Funk Shuffle at the same time!

new year fireworksFireworks went off at the big moment, with the usual feeling of “Well, what now?”. The villagers had a better idea than I did, most of them just wanted to do more squats. Perhaps I should do the same, it can’t hurt I suppose (maybe the day after).

HRA goldSome long-standing target were achieved early into the new year though, firstly reaching the 150,000 HRA milestone score that won me the golden house model, as well as another badge from Phineas. I’ve been informed I can take part in the HRA style challenges now, I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for that yet, I’m still broke.

tom nook congratsThere’s a good reason for that though, I’ve FINALLY managed to pay off my final mortgage installment for the last house expansion. Tom Nook is no longer a shadowy presence in my financial landscape, and I can finally start saving money for… well I’m not sure really. I dropped the town projects as soon as I got my golden watering can, but I can pick that up again.

paid off loanSelfishly I’m wondering if I should start springing for Gracie’s extortionate special collections. I didn’t think much to her candy set, but her Gorgeous series are quite nice. I need something to replace the Jingle series in my main room though, it’s not the season anymore…

kyle creepyMy villagers seem to approve of my setup though, constantly paying visits to my house. Kyle in particular is getting a little too close for comfort. He keep making these off-hand comments about copying my stuff, thinking about me sleeping, taking him on as a housemate.

kyle copycatHe did threaten to leave a few days ago, and stupidly I talked him out of it. I sort of like him, but I mean, take it down a notch, won’t you? Much as I like Henry, I didn’t argue with his latest decision to leave, so I’ve got a few days left with him. I hope I get a damn picture though.

pierce birthdayJanuary would have been a bit slow if it hadn’t been for the seemingly endless string of birthdays in my village. Pierce kicked things off last week, while Moe’s is today and Puddles celebrates tomorrow. At least I’m making the effort to give them something nice for now.

bingoMy ongoing efforts to rinse the snowmen for all they are worth is continuing, though having got all the Ice Series and had no luck with the Snowboy and only matryoshkas from the Snowtyke, I’ve switched to making Snowdaddies each day in a painful attempt to get some Bingos. I’ve had 4 bingos so far, but I’m not sure what to really do with the Ski series. I accidentally sold the curling stone he gave me too, damn.

northern lightsIt’s not all bad though, the winter nights have given me a few meteor showers and even the Northern Lights. Very pretty. That said, I’m looking forward to spring now. I’ve got a Fishing Tourney next week, let’s see if Chip will be a douchebag again and give me junk instead of the Fish series I want…


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