Single: Pitbull ft Ke$ha – “Timber” (2013)

Sneaked out in the dying days of 2013, Pitbull has snatched himself a second UK No.1. I wonder if anyone really buys his albums, it’s not like he needs it, he’s got a never-ending blizzard of singles, and when he’s not releasing those he’s featuring on other people’s tracks.

pitbull timberThis time it’s his own song though, and it’s going down well, topping charts in some of the biggest territories out there – UK, USA and Germany to name a few.

There’s not much to it, but at least I can see the appeal with it, unlike those minimal plinky-plonk dance tracks that have topped the charts lately. It might not be especially high-brow but I quite like these trashy dance tracks, and it’s a natural fit to see Ke$ha coming in for a career reboot.

I miss Ke$ha, it feels like ages since her second album “Warrior” underperformed, and now she’s in rehab for an eating disorder. But at least she’s got a hit on her hands again.

The song itself is ‘of the moment’ as you could think of now, fairly standard dance pop with a catchy sample. This time it’s a harmonica reprising the chorus melody throughout. Let’s not examine the lyrics too much, it’s just about having a big night and presumably having sex (and going down like timber).

I guess the New Year party season hasn’t finished yet, and at least it’s one of the slightly more accomplished dancepop floorfillers that’s taking hold.


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