Today was the first day at work. It wasn’t too bad really, so much has happened since I was last there on Christmas Eve that it felt like AGES since I’d last been there. Fortunately I had only missed 4 days of actual work, and catching up on emails wasn’t that big a task. I think it was more that I was expected to do stuff, like ALL DAY. It’s exhausting, is that really how I lived before Christmas? No wonder I was losing it.

rebootMy friend’s leaving date from his current job was set too, I’ve only got 3 weeks with him… of course I’m at maximum insecurity now as I’m sure I’m going to be consigned to the scrap heap in short order. Hope not. He did reach out over Christmas though, an effort totally thwarted by Apple’s bastarding iMessage service that didn’t deliver either of our messages over the holiday period. I’ve turned it off now, hopefully that will sort it out, but honestly what a piece of shit!

I need to attack the gym like a bastard this year though, I feel like a giant blob at the moment. I did have a decent selection at Yo Sushi today though, that probably didn’t help. My fault for picking up that last dish of sadly stone cold gyoza at the end, that was real filler. Also I’m eating jellybeans as I type this. I need to get rid of some of this chocolate & candy. I’ll try to foist it off on the people in the office.

bad at studyingThe biggest rude awakening of the day though has to go to my first Japanese lesson since July. The course was cancelled in the end due to lack of attendees so my friend and I are shelling out for a private audience with out former teacher. I’m sure it will do us good but tonight highlighted just how rusty we’ve got in a fairly short period of time. Another thing I need to pull my finger out and commit to.

So far this year the only things I’ve managed to blast through has been computer games, pizzas and TV shows. I was going to start running (yeah yeah) but the weather has been ceaselessly dreadful all Christmas. Sitting by a big window at work, it seemed to flip between drizzle, cloudburst and blue sky every 15 minutes, how can you plan anything like that?

This is how 2014 is shaping up so far anyway. 6 days in and I haven’t really impressed myself. I am (finally) enjoying the first season of American Horror Story though, having obtained it probably 2 years ago. Totally bonkers but I’m racing through that! Once that and Futurama are out of the way I’ll plough through Revenge, The Bridge and True Blood too, the sky’s the limit. I’m even finally reading again. I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood”, I was halfway through when I went to Estonia but hadn’t picked it up since. It’s not really going anywhere but it’s quite nice to read. But it’s time to END THIS!

Trust me, the only projects I’m really making any progress with and they are totally unimportant. No change there.


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