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Single: Zedd ft Hayley Williams – “Stay the night” (2014)

Who is Zedd? I seem to keep accidentally hearing (and liking) his stuff without knowing it’s him, but I think 2014 is the year we’ll hear a lot more about him.

zedd stay the nightRussian-born and grown up in Germany, Anton Zaslavksi has been quietly making a name for himself on the world EDM scene for a few years now, and those efforts are bearing fruit in the mainstream market now.

Remember Bieber & Minaj’s “Beauty and a beat“? That was him. What about “ARTPOP” tracks “Aura“, “G.U.Y.” & “Donatella” for Lady Gaga? Him too. He’s just won a Grammy for his track “Clarity” featuring up-and-coming Foxes on vocals. Now he’s teamed up with Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams to jump-start his 2012 album “Clarity” with a re-release. Continue reading

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Single: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Young Blood” (2014)

It’s been a long road for Sophie. I remember her back in the late 90s with her indie band ‘theaudience’ who had a handful of mid-table hits before disbanding. Then came Spiller and “Groovejet” and suddenly she ended up with one of the year’s biggest hits, one that seems to be impossible to mention without the context of preventing Victoria Beckham getting a No.1.

sophie ellis bextor young bloodThis momentum was enough to give her a hit album and a string of top 10 singles. Since then it has been a series of diminishing returns that saw Sophie experiment with different sounds. Cool pop, commercial dance, and now a more acoustic style.

So far the album looks to be doing well (though it’s all relative now, with the album market in the toilet). Buoyed by her success reaching the final of last month’s Strictly Come Dancing, she hasn’t squandered the new attention from the Radio 2 market, and seems to be doing well. Whether a new chapter has begun for her is too soon to tell though. Continue reading

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Reaching out

Whew, I’m exhausted again, who’d have thought? Exhausted is a bit of a stretch I suppose. Yesterday I was exhausted and tried my best to get a good night’s sleep, so I’m a bit better. Perhaps run-down is a better description.

RainMy friend’s exit from his job working with me to join another department has left our small team rather stretched, with colleagues hellbent on clearing their inboxes out in my direction. I’m determined to take a day off soon though, I just need something to look forward to in the short-term. It doesn’t help that the weather has been ceaselessly grey, wet and windy since New Year (apart from the nice days). It feels like it anyway, it’s just a bit miserable outside, and it’s contagious. Continue reading

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Single: Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne – “Rather Be” (2014)

Is this another installment in my doomed investigation into UK dance music hitting No.1? I just feel like I don’t GET it these days. I mean I can see the commercial appeal of Avicii and Calvin Harris, but things like that Storm Queen song, and Martin Garrix, they just leave me totally cold. That goes for the ongoing obsession with Disclosure too.

clean bandit rather beIn fact, Clean Bandit’s first hit, “Mozart’s House” fit squarely into the latter group, really didn’t like that. But now they’ve just had a huge No.1 so I should at least give it a go, lest I lose touch with chart music altogether. Fortunately it turns out that this is a nice dance track with a chorus and melody and everything. Was that so hard? Continue reading

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There’s been a murder

I was feeling a bit mopey yesterday. I don’t think it was a hangover from my overindulgence on Friday, I think a well-played Big Mac saw that off. No, it was grey and rainy outside and I had no big desire to go outside so I thought I’d watch some TV for a change.

doctor and marthaWell I say TV, I hardly ever watch broadcast TV. Mainly it’s because I’ve got such a shitty aerial I can barely pick up BBC1, and the occasional channel I can watch in my bedroom I have to be laying down to watch because otherwise I disturb the signal.

My next stop therefore is BBC’s iPlayer, and sometimes stuff I’ve downloaded because it’s only on in America. I’ve had a bit of a boxset binge, and Doctor Who is my current revival after all that anniversary stuff last year. Over the weekend I managed to get through half of Series 3 (i.e the Martha series), it’s rather addictive despite a few dud episodes. I like Martha, she’s much better than people make out – mind you, I think there’s always someone hating on the companion, whoever they are. I’m quite excited by Catherine Tate’s series though, I haven’t seen that in a while. Continue reading

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