End-of-year Stats Blowout (2013 edition)

Hey guys, and my last business of 2013 taken care of yesterday, it just leaves me to thank everyone who read or commented on my blog in 2013 for all their help. I’m still no closer to working out how many people are regular readers, but I must be doing something right as 2013 was the blog’s biggest year by a mile! Shall we look at some stats? YES WE SHALL. (Just been sent an email from WordPress with an annual report link, click if you’re interested and had too much RAM anyway)

blog stats end of 2013 1

You can click to expand these by the way. It’s hard to really get much of a grasp on where we were a year ago – but the stats tell me the yearly totals: 320 hits in 2011, a slightly more significant 31,999 hits in 2012, and as I’m writing this 93,625 in 2013. Not too shabby. Even more encouragingly, it seems like it’s not all driven by seasonal Eurovision news though that was the real provider once again. In 2012 there was a big spike in May and slow decline until Eurovision picked up again in Spring.

This year though, of course we got the spike in May – a bigger one than ever, 9,576 hits on one day! – but the decline has left us on much strongly daily figures than before, and somehow we’re averaging about 200 hits a day. So what are they looking for?

blog stats end of 2013 2

A picture says a thousand words, and the readers have certainly said plenty by making the flesh-fest review of the Eurovision 2013 guys the biggest hit of the year. I wonder if I even need to write anything these days! Its sequel made #14 on the list as it starts to take root too. What do you want in 2014? Apparently it’s nipples and abs. Quite right too.

A surprise smash of the year was my review of Perfume’s first UK gig in July, which got featured on a Japanese website of some description and lead a few thousand viewers to my shores. Arigatou onegaishimasu!

The real curveball for me though is a review of the latest Katy Perry single, “Unconditionally”. Nothing special in the review, and I can’t seem to spot it on the Google rankings highly enough to explain the hundreds of hits I’m getting each day. At least not until I search on Google Images, where the posted cover art is the #1 hit… and it’s not even the real one! At the time of writing the official art wasn’t out, but I picked some evidently fan-made art from Wikipedia (which has since changed it), and it seems people are really going for it! Thanks, whoever made it!

blog stats end of 2013 3

Finally cracked Greenland! People from all the coloured-in countries visited the blog in 2013, and I’m still a bit blown away by just how many countries are included. Really Central Africa is about the only blank spot left to fill. Not sure how I got China, apparently WordPress is blocked there!

No huge surprises there really, my Eurovision ramblings attracted a largely European selection of viewers, with a few big English-speaking nations (USA, Canada, Australia) coming along for the ride. Japan sticks out there though, I’d hardly had any hits from there in the past, but that Perfume post really lit it up.

To close, a list of the top search terms of 2013. It’s not an exact science, people need to type in exactly these exact phrases, but it seems that great minds think alike. I’ll leave you to peruse that, but once again I just want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has supported the blog in 2013. I put a lot of time into it, and I’m glad it seems to be paying off – not literally, I’m not making any money from it, but you know what I mean. Love you all! x

blog stats end of 2013 4


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