Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Let it snow

toy day poseAs the nights draw in for the Winter, Animal Crossing is still a hotbed of seasonal activity. Aside from the monthly fishing tourney, snow has covered the village enabling you to create living snowmen who give you all manner of seasonal swag before they melt. But the villagers only have one thing on their mind, the even-more-materialistic-than-Christmas festival of “Toy Day”.

jingleHaving dropped hints about their dream presents all month, the villagers were excited for the arrival of … erm Jingle the black-nosed reindeer on Christmas Eve. I mean Toy Day. Though despite this understandable side-stepping of a religious festival, Santa is apparently fair game, and having dressed as him in costume items from the shops during December, Jingle recruits you to match up a sack of presents with the villagers who want them.

kyle suspectsYou could just try your luck, but I had to hassle my villagers all week to find out what they wanted. Most hints are fairly vague, and some Googling may be needed. I had requests for clothes, wallpaper, lamps, beige items etc. Be careful, some presents tick more than one box! It took a bit of thought and taking each villager in a sensible order, but I managed to crack it in the end.

grottoNot only do your villagers get their perfect present, you get… a wreath from Jingle. Why, you shouldn’t have … but it’s nonetheless taking pride of place in my living room grotto, now filled with the Jingle series I’d collected over the month. It’s very red, though I think I prefer it to the Ice series I’d also been collecting.

snowman familyThat takes me nicely to the snowmen. With snow on the ground, 2 snowballs spawn randomly in the village each day, and careful rolling in the snow will produce one of 4 different sized members of the snowman family; dad, mum, kid and baby, each with different agendas.

Creating all four members at once is enough to satisfy the baby, who gives you a rare gift depending on your construction of the family. I can’t seem to mess it up though, he keeps giving me snowman matryoshkas, but I want the other gifts too! The snowboy is happy enough for you to just create him properly, and mails you a gift the following day.

Momma is obsessed with snowflakes, which now appear randomly on the wind in your town. Catching these with a bug net, you can swap 3 or 5 (depending how well you made the mother) for a piece of the Ice series. It’s a bit too bright, I’m not sure I’m a big fan, but I’ve got it all now either way.

snow bingoFinally, big daddy likes rolling his eyes. Fortunately for you that’s part of a long-winded bingo game, as his eyes pick a new number each day, and you struggle to get a line on your bingo card in exchange for some Ski Series stuff. Once I’ve cleaned out the baby’s gifts, I plan to just have a bunch of snowdads all popping out numbers *cackle*. You can use other towns’ snowdaddies too.

all bugsIn the evening, those random snowballs sometimes get commandeered by the last bug in the calendar – the dung beetle. Since the villagers don’t leave heaps of shit lying around, they make do with rolling snowballs. Watch out, they occasionally like to put it in the water or off a cliff. I caught one and now have finished my catalogue! Just have to wait until June(!) for that golden bug net…

fuck you chipI only have one fish and one diving creature to get now, both appearing in March, so I’ll have to wait for that golden fishing rod from Chip. He’s being a prick at the moment, I was all keyed up to finish off my fish series special furniture from the tourney but he either gave me random rubbish or endless copies of the same furniture I had from October. What’s his problem??

mallary leavesI’ve been rather occupied by Toy Day and actual Christmas, so I might save my other village update for a later day. But I’ve bid farewell to founding villager Mallary (who gave me my 2nd photo in the mail) and relative newbie Daisy. I didn’t know Daisy was going, despite playing every day, what a shame.

pierce hot n heavyIn their place I’ve got the fabulous Pierce the Eagle, one of my favourites from Wild World. He’s acting rather strangely though, and I’m fairly sure he was hitting on me when I visited him the other day (backing me into a corner too). Chilling! I’m still glad to have him around anyway.

Daisy was replaced by Katt the Cat, so I’ve got three pairs of animals now, two frogs, two cats and two rabbits. A bit of variety wouldn’t go amiss, unless it’s Tangy. I WANT HER!!

frog rendez vousI think the frogs are seeing each other, while I’m at it. Not only did I randomly catch Henry in Puddles’s house the other day – the first time I’ve ever seen a villager in another house apart from birthdays – but later they were outside discussing him being her ‘manager’. Is this some BDSM stuff or is it prostitution? Let’s hope neither.

frog bdsm


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