Christmas defeated

Oh famous last words – but I think it’s finally all done. Actually that’s not entirely true. Well, not true at all if you must keep questioning me.

christmas shoppingI’ve done the last of my shopping at least, and I guess if I accomplish anything tonight I could write the last of the cards I suppose. Then I’ve just got to wrap everything. I had a go on Sunday (including writing cards until I ran out) but I quickly lost the will to live and just wrapped the essentials. Tonight I was going to make the last push but … ugh. There’s still a few bits coming in the post anyway.

I don’t want to be a stuck record but I’m too tired to think about doing anything serious tonight. I had to get up early to work in London. It wasn’t very taxing work, pretty boring actually. I didn’t get a huge amount of other stuff done because of the crummy laptop I was working on. You certainly miss the mouse when you have a crappy touchpad the size of a matchbox to use instead.

Think I’m getting a cold, my airways are like pinholes, and I seem to have a weird eardrum thing – a bit vibratey. I blame London. Or earwax. Maybe a bit of both. Either way I’m writing off Tuesday evening. It’s even taken me about an hour to write this, I’ve been watching the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who after the whole anniversary thing got me all enthused again. It’s a bit gloomy but I’m enjoying it so far, still looking forward to the Tennant years though.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, so I should call it a night now. I’ve done plenty of blogging over the last few days so this will have to do for now. But you can get festive with Obama if you like.


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