Single: Icona Pop – “All Night” (2013)

After finally turning breakthrough hit “I love it” into a global smash, it was high time for Swedish duo Icona Pop to follow it up. Such a big hit leaves many fledgling acts with a dilemma. Do they just pop out some more of the same and hope that they’ve engineered a market for their sound, or do they need to capitalise on their 15 minutes of fame and show off their versatility?

Icona_Pop_All_NightThe issue with the first option is that you might finish with a song that’s sort of like the big hit, but not quite as good, with the similarities only serving to highlight this contrast. Unfortunately this is the lot Icona Pop have ended up with on “All night”.

A youthful and energetic bit of dance-pop isn’t lacking on the melody front, but that sort of bratty shout-singing suddenly feels quite two-dimensional. While “I love it” had a refreshingly gobby twist to the lyrics, “All night” is a bit too mild-mannered. What could sound like a sweet little melody gets swamped in fairly unfulfilling noise.

A shame really because I like to see Swedish acts do well outside their home country, considering how Swedish production and songwriting is the heart of the global pop economy. This song sort of puts me off listening to an album, much as the concept sounds fine I don’t think I could put up with those shouty, blunt vocals for an hour. Could you?


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