Christmas Attack Zone

RAAHHHH!! Christmas will be defeated while there’s still breath in my lungs. Perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but after an afternoon that was threatening to send me to sleep, I blasted out of the gym and straight down to the shopping centre.

christmas rushLast night I ticked off a big chunk of my Christmas plan on Amazon, and managed to get another hefty portion of the shopping done – including gifts I hadn’t a clue about – in a laser-guided two hours. I’ve even got ideas for nearly everyone left on the list. Not bad for 24 hours really, considering I’d only got 3 people’s presents before this weekend.

I’ve still got ten people to go (I think), including a few unknown presents but I hope to vanquish those in short order. So yeah, I’m quite pleased with myself. If I managed to obliterate the Christmas cards tomorrow and get my ironing done, my smugness will be unstoppable. Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!

*ahem* I might even have time to review that new Britney album, not that it will seem to do much good for her, it’s totally tanked in the UK. I need to clear some of them off my iPod before the end of the year. Out with the old, etc. I’ve got a rather homo selection of Britney, Cher, Little Mix, the Xmas albums of Leona Lewis & Kelly Clarkson and that older Susanne Sundfør album, AND Eurovision 2002. Where will I get the time? Ho hum. I’ll at least have more time when I’m done buying gifts at least.


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