Gah… I’ve missed a day, how did that happen? No blog post for Saturday, my anal completism isn’t going to like that. Whatever, I’m totally exhausted from the weekend, soz.

grinchHad my office work party – first of three but by far the biggest one, taking in the whole of the department with 160 turning up in the end. Well practiced too, it was essentially the same as last year – same place, same time. We had an ABBA tribute band instead this year but they were only up for a short while.

I drank far more than I expected before I even got there – a few plastic cups of Prosecco at the office, two double vodka & Cokes and a Long island iced tea in about 2 hours. A free cosmo (or two) on entry, some Rosé out of desperation because the free bar wasn’t open until after dinner. A blur of vodka & cokes after that … either it was a relatively uneventful night or I am suffering amnesia – the latter is unusual for me, so I think a lack of drama is probably it. Sure I’ll hear all about it at work tomorrow (and the next day, and …).

Fortunately I drank enough water the night before to just about make the 2 1/2 hour drive to my friend’s house for the weekend. nice relaxing time, a bit too brief though I guess. We ended up seeing two films I’d seen already, “Gravity” (still amazing) and “Man of Steel” (still well fit innit) so nothing too stressful apart from my eating habits. The extra hour stuck in traffic on the way back didn’t help. My throat is sore from an extensive car-karaoke session too. #firstworldproblems

Just have to contend with delivering the last big project of the year on Friday, and a few other odds and sods before I stop work on Christmas Eve. Guess I should do some Christmas shopping before that though… uh oh. I’m not ready for another Monday just yet.

I’m rambling, is anyone interested in this? If you got this far, then I’ll reward you with a video of Anthea Turner getting blown up. How’s that for drama?


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