Single: Ylvis – “The Fox” (2013)

You know me, always on the cutting edge of those viral hits. This one’s only been out for three months. I even knew about it TWO months ago and didn’t think to mention, but since tonight is the office Christmas party, I can imagine it will get wheeled out (perhaps more than once) just as “Gangnam Style” was last year.

ylvis the fox“Gangnam Style” is perhaps a decent parallel to draw. Established local act releases new song with strikingly bonkers video, spreads across Youtube and ends up creeping up charts worldwide. This time the act in question is Norwegian duo Ylvis, talk-show hosts promoting the latest season of their show, and calling in a favour from their friends, a little-known Scandinavian production team called Stargate. You know, the same Stargate that produced most of the 00’s?

Intentional or not, it’s catchy as hell and with hindsight it doesn’t feel like such a surprise that it became a hit once the video caught on. It muses why – in a world where most animals have clearly defined noises we associate with them – what does the fox say? They venture several increasingly demented guesses at this sound, though when the fox appears at the end of the video, the gang are too busy making a pop video to spot the answer to their question.

It’s a simple EDM pop song as it was intended, as a spoof of lazy dancepop, but I think it stands up pretty well musically if it was a parody or not. It may not have had the titanic success of Psy, but it’s certainly orders of magnitude much bigger a hit than Ylvis had expected. I wonder what else we will see from them, as they hurry to capitalise on this success in several performances worldwide, including a Children In Need performance that featured all sorts of oddball celebs like Jedward and the Cheeky Girls. I look forward to it anyway.


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