Single: Robin Thicke – “Give it 2 U” (2013)

I feel dirty, why do I like this so much? Of course “Blurred Lines” was – and still is – practically inescapable since it rules global charts for much of 2013. It’s not that bad really, I suppose I never burnt it out because I never liked it enough to download it. Reliably stagnant commercial radio station Heart FM certainly got plenty of mileage out of it last week when I was listening to it at a work event.

Unfortunately for Robin, as many mega hits tend to do, it seems to have totally steamrollered its followup single. In the UK at least it’s having real trouble breaking through despite slow progress up the charts. But for my tastes it’s instantly more accessible, even if it’s just a vile. I mean it’s got 2 Chainz on it for a start, last seen laying revolting rhymes over Jason Derulo’s “Talk dirty“.

I’ve made no secret of my penchant for gross urban music selling out by jumping aboard the dance hybrid bandwagon. This is more like it, legions of formerly tedious RnB artists have done it and I’m sure plenty of people hate the phenomenon but it seems to be shifting those units.

“Give it 2 U” lyrically is about as generic as it gets, with the three guys (Kendrick Lamar’s there too, whoever he is) doing their best seduction talk about how big their cocks are and how well they are going to fuck their new honeys etc. Hardly reinventing the wheel but I just love that dirty little dance beat over the top of the whole thing.

The tempo is fast, the tone is deep and simmering. Basically it’s what I wish Justin Timberlake was doing now (with a bit more class) instead of his latest escapades. I can’t even tell if I think Robin is sexy – he sort of is, in the way you might sometimes fancy some bastard in a position of power. I guess it’s probably not target audience he was after but whatever #blurredlines


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