Animal Crossing: New leaf – Goodbye is the harvest word

As 2013 rolls steadily towards its conclusion, there are a few events to keep us busy now that summer’s bugs have moved on. After last month’s Halloween event, November sees the arrival of Franklin the Turkey, just in time for Thanksgi… um… the Harvest Festival! Of course!

franklin cooksThere’s not quite the breadth of collectables involved in the Harvest Festival, aside from the Harvest series of furniture available in Nook’s all month. I can’t say I was a huge fan of it – it was a bit more subtle than the pumpkin themed Spooky series, but there’s just so much lilac! Still, collecting it all, as well as the many pieces of Mush series available during the month by picking special randomly appearing mushrooms in your town managed to push me up to the 100K mark with the HRA, and I got a flash new gold trophy for my troubles. Just need to get that last 50k now to unlock the HRA challenges!

festival mealThe Harvest Festival really begins and ends on the last Thursday of November, there’s little you can really do to prepare, aside from stockpile some mushrooms, 3 of each of the common species is enough.

Franklin appears on the big day, to cook some fabulous meals for the villagers, but as you can expect he needs your help. For each of the four courses he will request three ingredients, and ask that you suggest a secret ingredient to make it amazing. These ingredients could be fruit, mushrooms, particular fish, shellfish, beehives, or special ingredients you can only get from the villagers in their houses. Naturally they don’t come free, and you have to catch a requested fish before they give you a random ingredient.

The Harvest Series!

The Harvest Series!

Annoyingly, you’ll need a decent run of luck before you get the secret ingredient you want (it’s best to look up what you need). They’ll often give you things that you could feasibly have got already – foreign fruit, mushrooms – but you might get special items like vinegar, butter, sugar or flour. Keep hold of any of these you don’t use, it might come up later!

For completing a perfect recipe you get a fruit basket, and for all four perfect recipes you get a Cornucopia. Rather modest rewards I have to say, but a badge of honour – you persevered with this lengthy quest! It took me ages to get vinegar, as well as a lobster. I’ll be happy when I never have to dive again! All things said and done though, it was quite a sweet little event.

tourney 2Earlier in the month came the second fishing tourney of the season – annoyingly though it’s only for one particular kind of fish so it’s rather hard to prepare for without knowing the species. Black Basses were the order of the day, though with a limited selection of catches I only got a few more bits of underwater furniture. I won the trophy, but this month I plan to get plenty more bits of furniture.

drago leavesIt was a month of goodbyes too, as founding members Drago and Muffy decided to up sticks and leave my village. I really loved Drago, even if he was one of several jocks I had in my town. Fortunately he felt the same way, and after nearly 6 months of devotion I finally got my first villager photo from him in the mail after he left.

muffy leavesSad to see Muffy go too, she was nice enough if a bit bitchy, but I needed some new blood in my town. I got two new arrivals during the month to fill the gaps though. Snake the ninja rabbit is quickly becoming one of my favourite villagers, always bright and energetic. A blast from the past arrived in the last few days too, Pierce the parrot was one of my first villagers from Animal Crossing: Wild World, and after long negotiations on the campsite (involved me buying about eight bits of junk off him and losing three Janken matches) he’s moving in. He didn’t even flatten my flowers either, and nearly put his house next door to Snake. Perfect!

golden shovelMy diligent trips to the shop to buy happy fertilizer from Leif paid off, as my 50th bag came with a free Golden Shovel! I don’t think it actually DOES anything special, but it’s a status thing you know. I also finally got the golden slingshot too, but that’s quickly been dumped in my closet, why would I want all that balloon crap?

Next in my sights is the golden bug net and the golden fishing rod. December’s snow brings dung beetles, the last bug for me to catch. Annoyingly though I need to wait until the next Bug-off to collect it from Nat, in JUNE. Harrumph. The last fish, the loach, will appear in March, but fortunately I can pick up the golden rod at that month’s tourney.

kabuki birthdayOther than a flurry of birthdays, there’s not too much going on. I quite like the birthdays really, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much to do apart from wrap something nicely and remember which day to go into their house for the party. But whatever, it can’t hurt right?

After the Harvest Festival I sold off my – it turns out – unnecessary stockpile of mushrooms, including rare & elegant mushrooms that were worth a LOT. So my back room is paid off, and I’ve only got my new basement to pay off now, the end is in sight!

Rather pleased with my Autumn room in the back, with my Bug-Off furniture and Mush series, as well as the recent Spotpass gifts of a Autumn-leaf and mushroom chairs. I got a gorgeous Autumn-leaf carpet from Saharah too, but that’s in my main room for now before I trade the Harvest series in for the Christmassy Jingle series. Can’t wait to get some Snowmen though, I want that Snow series!

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