Single: JLS – “Billion Lights” (2013)

Well far be it from me to say “I told you so”, but the writing was on the wall last year for JLS. Having enjoyed a impressive career since their second-place finish on X-Factor five years ago, the trend of diminishing returns finally started to take its toll.

Their four albums all hit the top 3, powered by ten top 10 singles including five No.1s. All said and done, that’s a level of longevity and success that few X-Factor alumni could claim – One Direction are well on their way, and Olly Murs is in a similar position. It even puts the biggest winner Leona Lewis in the shade to a degree.

It seemed last year that their momentum was sapping away, and the fanbase that drove their debut album to four platinum discs seemed to be moving on. There’s much to be said about going out on a high, not many acts manage to do it with such a long-term plan. JLS announced that work on their fifth album had stopped, and that a career-closing Greatest Hits and tour would be their last move.

That’s a lot of forward planning, I’m presuming it’s been a mutual decision. I wonder what they are planning individually now. Either way, there’s one new single to come with Greatest Hits bundle, “Billion Lights”.

jlsNot sure they’ve ever done a full-on EDM track, but it’s certainly a good match. Sounds a bit like those dancey songs Usher’s been doing lately, lots of big vocals and big beats. I love a good final single video, this time a montage of their journey and greatest moments. The newly-filmed stuff is a bit bleak, some backflips and bouncing in an underground car park?

I’ve never listening to their albums, but I’m only really realising now I think I’m going to miss them. Successful UK pop that doesn’t seem shoe-horned into a demographic is relatively hard to come by now, and it’s a shame that one of the big names is taking a bow now. Naked charity shoot for Marvin though pls thnx.


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