Single: Calvin Harris & Alesso ft Hurts – “Under control” (2013)

This is definitely not an Avicii song right? No, apparently it’s Calvin Harris with the first single after the record-breaking “18 Month” campaign that produced nine top 10 hits in the UK. How do you top that? Well, you probably don’t, but his golden streak doesn’t appear to be fading yet as this track is heading for the top of Sunday’s singles charts.

calvin harris under controlTeaming up with Swedish DJ Alesso, the vocals are provided by Hurts – the 80s influenced duo who haven’t quite had the breakthrough it looked like they were due. Their debut album “Happiness” was pretty good, I haven’t heard the second one yet, but by the look of their sales it seems I’m not alone there.

A shame because I think they’re pretty good. Fortunately they are along for the ride there, and this should be some good exposure for them.

The song itself, as I said reminds me a lot of Avicii – or at least the dominant euphoric dance sound that has been lighting up charts worldwide for the last few years. Not to say I don’t like it, Avicii’s a reliable hitmaker. Like Calvin, I’ve enjoyed most of his singles so far.

While I could see the appeal in Calvin’s hits, some of the later ones felt a bit derivative and plain, particularly “Thinking about you”, “I need your love” and “Drinking from the bottle”. This treads the line, I don’t mind hearing it again but I’m not losing it for it.

Is Theo from Hurts eating well? He looks a bit drawn, I hope it’s not drugs. The video is as generic as dance videos come these days, lots of arty shots of the artists, shots of sexy ladies in their knickers, and – surprising how much this comes up – the threat of the end of the world. Faced with an extinction event, people just wanna parttyyyy. Ho hum.

Anyway, it’s fine. The last album campaign started with the equally basic “Bounce” and “Feels so close”, but then we got “We found love” so who knows. I think I prefer him as a producer than the lead attraction though.


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