Single: Gary Barlow – “Let me go” (2013)

Check me all down with the kidz. Actually is Gary Barlow regarded by the kidz at all, I have no idea. But he’s the lead judge on X-Factor and part of one of the few big acts left in the UK album market, so I guess he’s doing something right.

gary barlow let me goI was going to say “Well let’s wait and see how this and the album does”, but as usual I’m a bit behind the times. “Let Me Go” was out last week and is currently at No.3, while the album “Since I saw you last” is heading towards a 100k+ opening week behind One Direction, so I guess there’s life in the old dog yet.

About time too, the UK album market is on the verge of total collapse, with even the Christmas upswing leaving it very late to kick in. But I think One Direction and Gary Barlow pretty much cover all the female age groups between them, and I imagine they will have very good Decembers.

Now Take That have a decent legacy of hits, perhaps a bit patchier since their 2006 reunion, despite some big singles that show no signs of going away. Gary had two solo albums in the late 90s after the band’s original split, but the second one underperformed and he disappeared from the scene.

gary barlowI’m surprised it’s taken him this long really, considering how high profile they are, particularly with Gary’s stint on the X-Factor. I’ve always found him a bit annoying really, but I was surprised how much I like this lead single from the album, not least because I’ve been beaten over the head with it almost constantly for the last two days, having listening to Heart FM at the hotel I’m working at for most of this week.

In the vein of James Blunt and this sort of acoustic folky organic genre that’s everywhere now, “Let me go” starts with a brisk rhythm and plenty of backing harmonies. A nice “new beginning” sort of song, letting go, and so on. Just that “Fly hiiiiigh, let me go” line really sticks in my head, very singalong and not as much of a downer as it sounds on paper.

The real-music organically-sourced music video is a pain though, I can’t even write about it, there are so many contrived little details I could spend all day picking at it. but I’m better than that (I’m not), so let’s just say it’s a bit cringey. I might still not be convinced enough to listen to the album, no matter how much Heart FM brainwashes me, but it’s a very respectable comeback single.


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