Another “I’m tired” post – with an exciting cliffhanger

Sorry, there’s no cliffhanger, I was just after the attention. Not that I deserve it today, I have no inclination to write anything sensible right not – it’s 11pm and I’ve JUST got back from work, having arrived there at 7.30am, and actually had to do some spreadsheet bullshit at 6am. GUH. Only a few more days of this and… well it’ll still be pretty darn busy, but at least the home stretch will have started.

Yeah I know I use this a lot - PS it's not me

Yeah I know I use this a lot – PS it’s not me

Of course that means “Oh shit, I haven’t done anything for Christmas yet”. I’ve made a bit of a start – bought cards, a few presents, but my festive spreadsheet is decidedly lacking in seasonal inspiration. I suppose I just need to do my bulk chocolate shopping, that will take care of a good chunk of them. Ho ho ho!

I realised that in an earlier post I was bigging up a surprise that I was going to reveal on Monday – I didn’t make it too clear but that was the Cineworld Secret Screening of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty“. At the time I hoped it might be the sort of exclusive you’d be super excited about like “The Hobbit” (well OK super excited is a stretch), or Captain America or something. They even said before the thing started that not all the CG sequences were ready and you might see some blue-screen (we didn’t). I suppose that would be more of a problem with Captain America. At least if would be if they didn’t put in another gratuitious butt shot.

Have I got that much to say? I guess not, I haven’t had much time to do anything exciting, my evenings seem to be filled with busywork: Animal Crossing, blogging, eating Pringles (they have Sweet Cinnamon ones now – they’re OK), having inappropriate thoughts about friends and/or co-workers, business as usual really. I feel guilty that I haven’t written anything particularly substantial for the blog lately, but I guess I just mean I have some albums on my iPod that aren’t going anywhere, I need a clearout. Tomorrow I might do Miley Cyrus if I’m not totally exhausted – it’s a bit of an exhausting album to write about.

Anyway, I don’t even have any cat clips to show you, so for now, FEAST YOUR EYES on this amazing demo of what they can do with projectors these days. I was half-expecting something awesome like this in Malmö after I heard they had a load of high-power projectors, but sadly not. Anyway, here you are:


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