Single: Storm Queen – “Look right through” (2013)

I’m still knackered, so here comes another single review, I’ll try to get some album reviews out this weekend if you’re lucky, soz. I realised that I have no idea what the last two UK No.1s sound like, apart from them being dance tracks. One of these were by Ministry Of Sound-backed Storm Queen, real name Morgan Geist from the USA.

storm queen look right throughThis was really No.1? What happened? I mean it’s fine in the sense that it would’ve sounded good on a mid-90s dance compilation CD, but I’m a little shocked that it got the backing to be a No.1, particularly in a time when single sales are pretty enormous.

I just don’t think there’s a lot to it, it’s repetitive and boring. I mean it’s a decent beat, but it’s just that vocal sample looping over and over. Reminds me of the Nightcrawlers, another song that baffled me with its status as one of the biggest 90s dance anthems.

Despite the big-faced panther outfit, it’s a fairly boring video too. Looks nice but I just don’t GET IT. Am I just that out of touch? I can’t even see teens getting into this unless Radio 1 went on about it a lot. But what do I know?


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