Single: Lily Allen – “Somewhere only we know” (2013)

Christmas! It’s Christmas nearly …. CHRISTMAAASSS! Fortunately it hasn’t been crammed down my throat too much yet, and since we haven’t really been watching X-Factor this year I’ve barely seen any commercials. Which unfortunately means I don’t have opinions on the relative merits of the big Christmas ‘event’ commercials.

lily allen somewhere only we knowOr at least I didn’t until the braindeads made such a fuss about the John Lewis Christmas advert that it became news. It tells the story of a brown bear and his faithful rabbit friend (erm…). Presumably they haven’t known each other very long because the rabbit gets all tearful when the bear wanders off to hibernate, doomed to miss Christmas every year.

Not that the bear cares, he’s never had a Christmas anyway. But the busybody rabbit can’t let that go, and selfishly gives the bear the gift of an alarm clock that wakes him up on Christmas morning. This has the desired effect of waking the bear up so he can watch the other woodland creatures being all materialistic under a gaudy tree. Because that’s what it’s all about! Buying stuff!

Yeah, bugger your natural sleeping patterns, that bear probably died before January was out, unless he ate the other animals. So everyone learns about the importance of inflicting Christmas on people whether they want it or not. HO HO HO.

lily allenSo before you can even type a hashtag, Facebook feeds were crammed with the usual “share if u cry evry time xxox” drivel. Ugh. What was I talking about? Lily Allen! LILY ALLEN. She’s on the comeback trail, with a new single released a week after this (more on that later), but hedged her bets by not only getting the coveted John Lewis advert (which gave big hits for Ellie Goulding and Gabrielle Aplin in previous years), but it’s a cover of Keane’s biggest hit.

Not that it’s a coincidence that Keane are launching their greatest hits collection last week either… they don’t miss a trick. It’s a wonder album sales are in the toilet with this sort of business going on.

The song itself is about as by-numbers as you can get, and it doesn’t wash with Lily singing it. We know she’s not a fluffy bunny, she drops the F-bomb and does all like social commentary innit like brrrap. Her vocals aren’t exactly her strong suit though, and this comes over as pretty reedy and boring. Too late, it’s a hit! Wake me up when her proper music comes out, but don’t use an alarm clock, I want a bloody lay-in.


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