Stressed and lazy

Not much of a mix is it? Work is being a bastard again, but I’m hoping to see the light at the other side in 2 weeks. It’s the office Christmas party then as well I think. Maybe that’s the week after. I hope so, I need time to recover. I’m sure they said it was actually in December this time.

AbbaI’m putting up with people moaning that there’s an ABBA tribute act, what’s wrong with ABBA? I’m sure people will love them after they get trashed on the free bar. It’ll be much better than the shitty Motown tribute act last year anyway. Then what else is going on … a leaving do, Christmas bowling, a team Christmas dinner, the list goes on! Well it doesn’t, those are the only things. And that’s QUITE ENOUGH.

I’m working right up to Christmas Eve this time, which is a little bit exciting in a stupid way, I hope it doesn’t ruin my Christmas cheer too much, no doubt I’ll end up busy right to the last minute. Whatever, at least I’m sure I can switch off over the holidays then.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI AM excited about two things though, Saturday’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special feels like it’s going to be amazing, particularly in the wake of that unexpected but mindblowing prequel episode that explains more about this mysterious extra Doctor that got revealed at the end of the last season. Watch the video at the bottom, just DO IT.

When we went to Collectormania yesterday I decided I was going to try and spot as many different Doctor outfits worn by fanboys, and astonishingly I found EIGHT, and no duplicates, who’d have thought it … I even got Troughton and Pertwee!

The other thing I can’t say about yet. Oh actually there’s two things, but at complete different ends of the importance scale. Not sure which I should reveal first, I guess the smaller one. But I’ll tell you next Monday after it’s happened. What a tease.

Trying to relax by playing some computer games, including finally trying “Kirby’s Amazing Mirror” after getting it free with Nintendo’s Ambassador Programme (i.e. sorry we slashed the price by £50 a few months after you bought a 3DS, here’s some shitty ‘classics’). It’s not particularly hard, but it’s so BIG and sprawling, the whole thing is like a maze, I have NO idea what I’m doing. Gah. Might just carry on watering my flowers in Animal Crossing. Ho hum.



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3 responses to “Stressed and lazy

  1. Mike

    Well, hope it’s good news! Also, an ABBA cover band sounds like a lot of fun (as does the free bar….)

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