Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Halloween be thy name

On the way to catching up to ‘real time’, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the most out of the Halloween event that unsurprisingly took place on the evening of 31 October.

jack pumpkinDuring October, the accessory shop started stocking six different scary masks. It was a bit of a pain to collect the set, you only get one a day, and that bug mask never seemed to come up. But the benefits of your diligence were made apparent when Jack, the Pumpkin King arrived in town, having heralded his arrival by mail a few times during the month.

Jack wants candy. This is freely available from Nook’s shop during October, but this isn’t his favourite kind. These mere sweets were nothing compared to a lollipop, but annoyingly these are only available one way – by terrorising your villagers. I suppose I had better do that then!

mallary scaredgenji scaredUsing the very helpful guide, and also by knowing the personalities of your villagers (there are 8 types), you could determine exactly what their deepest fear was. All that remained then was to put on the corresponding masks and knock on their door.

daisy scaredpuddles scaredA successful scare forces your poor villager to give you a lollipop just to get you out of their life. Some scares made more sense than others – Muffy’s fear of wolves made sense, but Daisy’s similar fear made less sense. Maybe she has an inner wolf she is worried about. Still, having a full moon orbiting in her living room seemed like a poor choice in the circumstances.

jack headsBe on your guard though, other villagers are wandering the town in spooky costumes, and if they catch you they demand candy. If you refuse, you might end up getting your ass tricked. They might turn your clothes into tatty rags – a permanent change, so watch out if you’re wearing your best threads! Annoying Jack himself might even get you a pumpkin head, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Giving Jack lollipops gives you access to the exclusive ‘creepy’ set of furniture. Not a full set of stuff though, there are no beds or tables etc, just spooky items like gravestones and haunted clocks. Can’t say I was too fussed with them, but I have them now.

puddles disappointedI fear the terror was too much for Puddles, who threatened to leave the other day. I said I was fine with it, but apparently I should have objected more, so she has resolved to get to know me better instead. I reluctantly let Drago move on though, another of my founding villagers leaving.

Now that excitement’s over, it’s time to look to the future of my town. I’ve rearranged the furniture in my house but I’m still struggling for a good theme for one of my rooms. My Bug series room from the Bug-offs is being supported by the Mush set, available in November by picking mushrooms. My front room, temporarily home to October’s “Spooky” series of pumpkin-theme furniture is being gradually replaced by November’s “Harvest” set available in Nook’s.

I need to pull my finger out and pay off my mortgage though, I haven’t got THAT far to go now. I might do some dream travelling to nick some good ideas for decorating.

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