Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Since U been gone

A few weeks ago I finally broke the deadlock and got back into Animal Crossing. But I had a LOT of catching up to do. For those of you not following my exploits, I had been determined to get a scorpion and the September-only salmon. However, a busy period for me meant fruitless hours trying to catch the scorpion on September evenings crawling with crickets. Not worth it.

genji where were youSimilarly fruitless were my searches for salmon, which I gathered had migrated up the river in the second half of the month. But then suddenly it was October and I hadn’t played for weeks. So I time-travelled. I feel bad about it, but I think I could well have given up entirely if I hadn’t caught those things.

Stuck in perpetual late-August, my villagers carried on about their lives, until last week when I finally bagged a Scorpion and could move ahead. First I went to early September to get those Salmon, and then to early October, just before the village’s first Fishing Tourney.

fishing tourneyIt’s a little easier than the bug-off, as only size matters. Tourney host Chip makes no secret of the fact that he’s going to eat all your entries, but treats you to a piece of exclusive furniture every time you beat the current record. My tip is to draw a grid mimicking your item pocket, and noting down the length of each fish you catch, as that’s the only time you’ll see it. Then you just have to get in there early to set the first record, feeding him fish in ascending order. You won’t get the whole set in one go though, I’ve got a decent set, but perhaps a little sparse.

fishing victoryFortunately I caught an Ocean Sunfish that I’d kept hold of, and that easily saw me win the Tourney, with another gold trophy to add to my collection. This proved too big even for Chip to eat, so he put it in his pocket for later(!).

curly leavesMy village has suffered while time has snapped back towards normality. I had the “Beautiful town” option activated at Town Hall so my flowers didn’t die, but my beloved Peck moved out before I could say goodbye. Savannah’s gone too. But it’s not all bad, crummy village stalwart Curly finally upped sticks and buggered off.

rory arrivesI’ve got quite a few new villagers now, and recently reached my maximum of ten villagers. I might let someone move out now though, I’m worried someone amazing will turn up in my campsite but I’ll be unable to snare them. I have two new frogs – Henry & Puddles, a new dog Daisy and an amazing lion Rory.

Survivors from the old guard are village founders Kabuki and Drago, long-running residents Muffy, Kyle and Mallary, and relative newcomers Kyle and Genji. I was pleased to realise later on during Halloween (more on that in a later post) that I now have all seven personality types in my village, rather than all those jocks I used to have.

deirdre visitsBeing gone doesn’t mean you’re forgotten though, as my wonderful Deirdre seems to be a regular fixture in my town’s shopping street.

That goes for me too though, as the biggest jump forward prompted my villagers to worry about me, and in some cases tell me how surprised they were that I even came back! Puddles is a bit like that though … she was trying to leave the other day, but changed her mind when I said it was a good idea. Better luck next time!

puddles loses bet


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