On the radio (whoa-oh-oh-oh)

One of the aspects of working at a conference centre for any length of time is dependence on music to make the day slightly more bearable. As I had colleagues with me, I couldn’t just put what I wanted on, so in came the radio. A digital one too (not mine), how exciting!

????????Or at least it was until we wanted to turn it on. Digital radio is good for more niche stuff, and my rock-loving colleague kept tuning in rock stations. The other woman there sort of likes rock too so want along with it. Ugh. I mean some of it’s alright, I was just a bit bored of Guns ‘n’ Roses being wheeled out yet again, and so on. Even less enthused for more contemporary shoutrock. RAWRRRRRRR.

Not that commercial radio has a lot more in the way of variety in some cases. The local radio station – part of the broader commercial radio broadcaster – has a very limited range of music. I mean, if you are really into your Wham or George Michael, and generally live your life like a never-ending hen night, it’s all good. But not for me.

Having convinced myself of an eclectic musical taste (to a degree), it’s a little dispiriting to realise how much stuff that’s played on the radio doesn’t really do anything for me. Still, in a few weeks I’ve got to go there again, but I’ll have full control of the radio…

PS yes, I’m knackered still, only just got back in, I’ll do a better post tomorrow!

PPS how did this become a hit in 1999??


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