Lost weekend

Phew… I’m tired. No reviews tonight, I just don’t have the energy. So it’s time for another stream of consciousness chunk of babble as I tend to write when I’m this tired. I’m working this weekend, so I’m halfway through a rather drawn-out working week.

tiredI don’t mind it really, it’s nice to have a bit of a change since I’m spending the middle 5 days in a hotel conference centre not far from my house. It’s mostly photocopying and event management, but fortunately the copier didn’t break down so I’ve had a fairly controlled, maybe even relaxed, Saturday. But all 60 attendees will be there tomorrow morning, and I have to give a short speech to them. Ugh.

I hate public speaking, but it’s a familiar enough bunch of people – no doubt quite disinterested in what I’m saying in my 2 or 3 minutes on stage – that I’m not too worried about it. I need to pick up the slack a bit, today I didn’t really go the extra mile with other work as the situation didn’t really require it. I need a break though, and Christmas is a long way away…

So amidst our other jobs, we’ve been online a bit, watching puke compilations on YouTube (vile), weird Japanese stuff (weird) and even that new John Lewis advert for Christmas (aww). I’ve posted that one below. I have a ton of birthday to get through before I can start really thinking about Christmas … when will I get the time??


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