Single: Tina Arena – “You set fire to my life” (2013)

Tina Arena. There’s a name you don’t hear very often up in the UK. In fact you’d probably be forgiven for saying “Who??”. Well, her main impact here was in the mid-90s with the amazing “Chains”, a song that the phrase ‘power ballad’ doesn’t quite capture by virtue of Tina’s incredible vocals.

tina arena you set fire to my lifeNonetheless, she carved out a career in native Australia, becoming of the biggest-selling female artists of all time, and a much-loved artist in the hearts of Australians. This culminated in her performance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics opening ceremony.

She’s been rather quiet on the album front since then though, with new release “Reset” coming 12 years after her last studio album. Quite a gap, so what’s she back with? A new single “You set fire to my life” see her team up with Swedish writers to create what’s basically a wonderful Melodifestivalen comeback single.

I love that little guitar riff, such a simple understated hook, leading Tina’s gorgeously crisp but warm vocals through a fairly simple melody. If anything it feels a little safe, but it’s a lovely bright and optimistic uptempo love song.

The vision of the video is a bit scattergun, relying heavily on Tina looking sexy but dignified in a variety of abstract surroundings – balloons! neon! paint! leather! – she needs a choreographer, the poor woman is left to shimmy away and look fun.

Just a bit of direction would have helped raise the video from an aimless frolic. She’s still gorgeous though, and her voice is still as much as a joy as ever. I think I have some catching up to do.


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