Single: Britney Spears – “Perfume” (2013)

Fresh from inspiring us to go that extra mile to get what we want in “Work Bitch“, it seems like Britney’s got some work to do herself, defending her man from one of his exes. She’s also got to work to launch this latest album well, “Britney Jean” is out next month, and its first single performed well, but it’s a crowded Christmas market this year.

“Perfume” is a rare ballad from Britney, who ditched the sentimentality for club-ready dance-pop some years ago. Her last proper ballad is probably “Everytime”, and that’s nearly ten years old now – terrifying.

While I wasn’t convinced at “Everytime” having hit single potential until it became one, I’m having similar trouble with “Perfume”, so I’m hoping to be proven wrong again. It’s a lovely little song though.

Britney is concerned about her boyfriend around an ex-lover, and while she’s trying to hide her doubts, she nonetheless wants to warn off this woman before anything happens. I really like the production, this gentle simmering rhythm, a bit 80s in places, I’m not sure why I think that. Actually it reminds me a bit of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”, but I definitely prefer this one.

Her vocals are a bit iffy, they’re quite deep-toned aren’t they? I’m sure she’ll be alright, she’s certainly had a renaissance in the USA at the very least, with previous album “Femme Fatale” harbouring a handful of big hits. Also she’s got her Vegas residency on the way, she obviously wants those Lambourghinis and Martinis.

I think the video could make or break this one, in the same way the “Everytime” video did. But I’m looking forward to the album anyway.


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  1. Britney always sounds marvelous and her perfums are amazing. She sells products as anyone more

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