Single: The Wanted – “Show me love (America)” (2013)

Oh the drama in that video, crazy! Well, the first 20 seconds until it turns into “Never leave you” by Tinchy Stryder (God knows where I pulled that from). At least for a 10 seconds until Nathan (how is he the pin-up of the group these days?) is on that piano again. Is he getting sponsored or something, he’s always on it. It’s not like that makes The Wanted a ‘real music’ band, and quite right too, they are too much fun.

the wanted show me loveOr at least until they are in ballad mode. Have they done ballad mode? Not well anyway, “Heart Vacancy” was by far their worst single, and “Warzone” wasn’t much better. Fortunately they are taking a leaf out of the 1D playbook and getting a decent ballad in there.

I like how they are doing precisely the kind of black & white video – including sudden downpour drenching the band – that they were taking the piss out of in the “She walks like Rihanna” video about 6 months ago.

There’s no much to it, but it’s not a bad ballad. I guess they needed to get out of one-trick-pony territory quickly, since their latest attempts have been more like flogging a dead horse chart-wise. A shame because I can see the appeal more with them than One Direction. I guess making Nathan more and more prominent is their attempt to coax the tweens back into the fold.

I’m a little concerned that their upcoming (and delayed) third album “Word of Mouth” is maybe their last roll of the dice now the singles are faring less and less well. Not that ANY albums seems to be shifting much at the moment, even as we enter November (this week’s No.1 shifted less than 50k for goodness’ sake). I’ve got my fingers crossed for them anyway.


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