Single: One Direction – “Story of my life” (2013)

Well you WERE going to get the “Prism” review today but I’ve had a breakthrough on Animal Crossing and that’s sort of sucked up my Sunday. But that’s another story. So instead you’ll get a new One Direction single, I’m sure that’s just as good!

one direction story of my lifeIt’s not bad actually, though one of its key strengths seems to be that it doesn’t really sound like a One Direction single. You could probably say that about “Little Things” too, but that was practically an Ed Sheeran single. I mean I know he wrote it, but they sang it like he would have.

“Story of my life” heralds the release of their third album “Midnight Memories”, and since Christmas is on the way, it’s a nice fuzzy ballad sort-of-thing, this time co-written by proto-Sheeran Jamie Scott. I remember fancying him, but I can’t remember any of his singles, none of them made much impact chart-wise. Oh but (apart from two other co-writers) it’s also co-written by all five 1D members! Of course it is!

Either way, they have happily – though probably temporarily – stopped trotting out their template pop songs and non-dance routines and gone all serious. They’re looking back on their long lives (are they even legal yet?), developing family photos in a not-very-dark darkroom. Not that anyone remembers how that all works, I’m just surprised they didn’t slap Instagram filters on the re-enactments of these photos.

1dIt’s a nice idea for a video really, a bit schmaltzy and earnest, especially Louis having a wistful moment after picking a photo with dead relatives in it. I’m sure it’ll accomplish what it set out to do (i.e. YouTube $$$).

I thought the song was pretty decent, though I only seem to be able to remember them singing the title in the chorus. I’m sure there will be time for that as it’s plastered all over the radio. Rather than everyone sounding like Ed Sheeran, the vocals are somewhere between Ed and Westlife (with Louis putting in an uncanny Brian McFadden impression).

I know this all sounds a bit like I’ve made up my mind already, I don’t really feel like that. I think they’ve done an incredible amount with fairly little song-wise. I just don’t see their back catalogue lasting as it stands, with their breakthrough moments being diluted by their weaker duplicates. “Kiss you” remains my favourite, but I’m still waiting for the moment when all this hysteria makes sense for me. Considering this sounds like a Greatest Hits single, I wonder if I’m ever going to get that moment. In the meantime they could at least stop teasing and get naked.


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