Single: Cher – “I hope you find it” (2013)

Well, it IS Halloween. Oh come now, no need to be unkind. Actually I really like Cher, even though I am not particularly well-versed in her back catalogue besides the singles since “Believe” and some notable moments from her extensive career in showbiz.

She’s also got a great sense of humour, I did get in a Cher-spiral a few weekends ago, watching interviews on YouTube, even interviews with varnished light-entertainment ghoul Des O’Connor.

Musically, well she’s not been so active during my formative years. I was sort of aware of the “It’s a man’s world” singles, I still love “One by one”. Of course “Believe” made her a chart force once again, and I was fond of the singles that came from that and 2001 follow-up “Living Proof”. After 12 years, she’s back with a new album “Closer to the truth”.

After the reception for “Living Proof” I wasn’t expecting much success despite her legacy, but happily it seems that the campaign is hitting the right notes, giving good positions on the album charts both sides of the Atlantic, capped with a spot on UK’s X-Factor with her latest ballad.

I haven’t listened to the album yet, I’m working my way to it. But “I hope you find it” is a rather lovely country-lite ballad. I can almost hear LeAnn Rimes singing it. I wonder how it fits in on an album that kicks off with dance-pop lead single “Woman’s World”, but I’m sure if anyone knows how to make it work, it’s Cher.

Lovely lyric video too (though why don’t people just make actual videos first these days?). It’s a bit of a kiss-off to a former love, some closure for a relationship that perhaps finished on bad terms or unexpectedly. Anyway, all good stuff, and I’m glad she’s showing both sides of the coin as a recording artist, rather than carrying on as a gays-only artist doing electropop forever.


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