Single: Le Grind – “I was there (where were you?)” (2013)

Well I was all geared up to write another single review today, and having had this on a CD in the car for a few weeks now, I thought I’d cover Le Grind’s debut single. Except I don’t really know anything about Le Grind at all, aside from a bit of trivia. They are a trio from London, and … actually that’s all I know.

le grind i was thereBut what a song to debut with! “I was there (where were you?)” is a pretty slick effort for an unknown debut, but it seems to have got some press interest. It’s a pretty lazy comparison to say it’s a bit like Scissor Sisters, particularly as I’m not 100% what SS even sound like these days. I think it’s because they seem to be filed easily enough under ‘gay interest’.

Name-checking flamboyant celebrities (living and dead) like it’s going out of fashion – Warhol, Minelli, Jagger, Mercury to name a few – it recounts increasingly outrageous list of anecdotes that happened at a club. The duetting/duelling pair try to trump each other with their involvement in these fabulous capers, leading to some fantastical little stories.

I think it’s just so quotable, for something I keep getting “and I know you know how Steve feels about HATS” stuck in my mind… but anyway, it’s great. I guess the Scissor Sisters comparison isn’t totally off, I can imagine people liking this if they liked “Let’s have a Kiki” anyway. But whatever, just give it a go.


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