Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Lost in time

I feel guilt. Those poor animals on my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf have been trapped in perpetual August for a few months now … and all because of a stupid scorpion. I had been determined to catch all the different kinds of bugs and fish in AC:NL, but the tricky scorpion eluded me after three months.

acnl gulliverWell, it didn’t ALWAYS elude me, a fair number of them attacked me, leading me to pass out and wake up on my doorstep shortly afterwards. September was the last month to catch them, but an overwhelming number of crickets meant the chances of encountering a scorpion were minimal.

I’d been fed some misinformation about salmon too, which I also missed in September. So before it got too far away, I thought I would keep my game clock set to August and finally catch up. Except I’m STILL having trouble with the scorpions and frankly losing patience with them. I’m not getting any fun out of the quest, and as it disrupted my routine with AC:NL, I’ve almost stopped playing entirely.

Pokemon X&Y hasn’t really helped, as I was rather excited about that, but honestly … I keep falling asleep when I try to catch scorpions, but I will keep trying. But at what cost? I’ve entirely missed October, so I’ll have to ease myself back into normal time. For someone who vowed not to time-travel, I feel like I’ve totally messed it all up. Bah.

Anyone else still playing? For all the excitement and anticipation for its release, I wonder how it turned so cold so quickly.

UPDATE: I got a Scorpion about 6 hours after this post, and a salmon, SUCCESS!! Still need a King Salmon though before I can get completely back to normal.


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