My God, I’m exhausted! Oh dang it, I can’t really say WHY at the moment. Just take my word for it now, I’m sure I’ll explain soon. I’m such a tease.

bst endsI remember when weekends were supposed to make you MORE relaxed. You’d wake up on Saturday, no alarm to scare you to your senses, and you could just pootle through your morning. Maybe read the paper (yes, I’m high-brow), maybe watch something risqué on the internet (OK not THAT high-brow), then do some chores and junk. Hell, maybe just sit in bed and play Pokémon.

This weekend was supposed to be even BETTER, because British Summer Time ended (in late October, that makes sense), and the clocks went back an hour, to benefit the farmers or milkmen or Scottish people or whatever it is. If it’s Scottish people, will we still have to do it if Scotland becomes independent?

3ds playerAnyway, the bottom line is that you get a lie-in. But not if you have to be up at 5.30 to deal with your top secret plans. I guess I was really getting up at 6.30, but it’s a weekend, WTF. So having squandered my free hour and having dealt with my secret plans, I’ve pretty much pissed away my afternoon watching stuff on YouTube, doing my ironing – I’m still watching that S.H.I.E.L.D. show, it’s alright – and eating junk because I’ve been starving myself (secret plans make my stomach nervous).

Now it’s 9pm and I haven’t even played Pokemon yet, what am I doing? I’ll cram some in now before I fall asleep and have to go to work again. Gah … I was going to have the day off too. Should’ve done that, but I’d probably just waste that too.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice weekend. Here is what I found on YouTube today anyway, no cats this time. But I think because I was coming down off my painkillers (I slept on my neck funny), this clip made me feel a bit emotional, even if the kid might be a bit of a brat. Who knows.


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