Single: Leona Lewis – “One more sleep” (2013)

Oh I know, I know, another single review? A bit lazy isn’t it? Well I’ll explain it all at a later date, but for now let’s live in the present. The CHRISTMAS present, geddit? I guess that doesn’t really work because Christmas is still two months away. I mean honestly, why do people insist on making such a big deal about it so far ahead of time?

leona lewisI had a Christmas sandwich a few weeks ago though, so I guess if I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem. I digress. Christmas is a time for peace and togetherness and buying all sorts of tat you wouldn’t give a second glance at any other time. This naturally extends to the album market, something Leona Lewis is banking on.

Having had trouble shifting her third album “Glassheart” last year after an extended gestation, a different approach was needed to rehabilitate Leona. A real shame, because she is undoubtedly one of the best (if not THE best) talents to come out of X-Factor, though things haven’t gone quite to plan after her multi-million selling worldwide debut “Spirit”.

I blame the management really, a team that managed to squander the main soundtrack song from the biggest movie of all time (“I see you” from “Avatar”), and hobble the last album with a series of false starts and even a lawsuit from Avicii.

leona lewis one more sleepA Christmas album seems like a safe bet … well, if you’re in the USA anyway, where there’s nothing unusual about releasing one. It’s a harder sell in the UK, though Michael Buble showed last year that it wasn’t impossible. Maybe it’s because there’s a sense that the USA is still religiously invested in Christmas, where the majority of Brits are just in it for the presents and cynicism.

They say a successful Christmas song is a great pension plan, just ask Slade. But I’m not sure Leona’s first cut from festive album “Christmas, with love” is going down as a classic. Nothing wrong with it at all though, a Motown inspired swing around the Christmas tree, and actually that’s a pretty lovely chorus, counting down the days to a reunion with her love.

Actually this isn’t half bad, certainly better than another re-heated “Santa Baby” (ugh, hate that), and I will endeavour to give this album a good spin at a more reasonable point in the year.

Leona’s lack of continuing success, I feel, is one of the bigger scandals in wasted talent at the moment, and I really hope this turns her fortunes around, or at the very least she gets a decent management team in her stocking this year.


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