Single: Little Mix – “Move” (2013)

A lot of single reviews this week, huh? Well I guess it’s that time of year isn’t it? Also for some reason I’m really tired out and this is about all I have energy for at the moment.

little mix moveSo Little Mix are back, with their second album “Salute”, fresh from the success of their debut album “DNA” at home in the UK and in the USA – still not sure how they managed a US Top 5 album. The career of X-Factor winners isn’t quite as smooth as it used to be, but it’s still your best bet if you want to win a talent show in the UK. There was a lot of goodwill behind Little Mix at the time, and they became the first group to win the show 2 years ago.

They’ve had reasonable success in the UK charts but it feels like they have far from a free pass. Against that backdrop they are still finding a sound that suits them that the public will respond to. “Move” is certainly not like their previous singles, and is an energetic pop/RnB crossover with plenty of attitude without the scowling terror of StooShe.

Most of their swagger fortunately starts and ends at some posing with jutting hips, and letting lose with some dance moves. While it might feel like a concerted effort to look more sophisticated, it pays off since the girls look totally comfortable with themselves.

The song itself is all over the place, but after a few listens I’m enjoying some of the hooks in there. The chorus is a little hard to pin down, I guess it’s “Get you back off the wall” section, it’s sort of familiar but I don’t know why. Perhaps there are shades of Beyonce in there or something.

But I think it’s a brave step forward that won’t alienate their core markets. It might still be a bit of a hard sell to break out of that zone, but there’s plenty of time in an album campaign for that. They haven’t quite had their breakthrough moment post-X Factor, but I feel they are getting closer.


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