Single: Lady Gaga ft R Kelly – “Do What U Want” (2013)

R Kelly? Who saw that coming? I suppose Chris Brown survived a domestic abuse case, I guess R Kelly can survive whatever his thing was (#nolibel), and even that weird “Trapped in the closet” song thing he did. Why am I talking about R Kelly? Gaga’s featuring him on the latest of her “ARTPOP” promotional singles.

lady gaga do what u wantWe are getting a new Gaga song every week until the album’s out apparently. It’s only a few weeks away, but it’s a technique that seems to be working alright so far. Having said that, I believe “ARTPOP” pre-orderers are getting these songs delivered instantly, so maybe that’s why she’s hitting iTunes #1s all over the world with this.

Anyway, she’s going for ART’n’B (or something) this time around, with a deep, chugging synth kicking things off. She’s ready for some action anyone, waiting for R Kelly to do what he wants with her body. How romantique! ❤

There seems to be a great reaction to this track, but it’s taking its time with me. Maybe the hype ruined it a bit for me. It’s certainly not as instant as “Applause”. I can’t actually remember “Aura” now, so never mind about that.

But at least “ARTPOP” is shaping up to have a bit of variety anyway, and “Do What U Want” isn’t as gay-interest as I sometimes think Gaga ends up sounding. I get the feeling she’s not about to do a straight-up EDM dancefloor-filla like Rihanna or BASICALLY EVERYONE has done to get a hit, so some convincing urban crossover might be a pretty shrewd move. But let’s see what next week’s song is like…



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