Super size me

I’ve got a pounding headache today, and I’m trying my best to de-stress from a testing day at work by eating chocolate. They do Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with Daim bar piece in it now, it’s amazing. Except the texture of Daim shrapnel sometimes feels like a piece of broken-off tooth, but it’s totally worth it. I still sort of haven’t got over the name change though, can’t it just be Dime still? Or does that mean bumhole in Spanish or something?

3dsxlThe main indulgence today though was a long-gestating splurge (I should have rephrased that) in the form of a Nintendo 3DS XL. You might be aware that I’m a keen gamer, most recently enjoying extended obsessions with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon Y. Having seen someone else with an XL, I have been coveting one for some time, and my bank account told me that this was the time to strike.

I’m selling my 3DS to a family member, and with a bit of luck my original Gameboy is in the loft somewhere, and that’s apparently worth a decent wedge. The only other bit of tech I’ve got my eye on now is an upgrade to my iPhone 4S. Not that I’m particularly after the 5S, but I need a bigger phone, my 32GB is full to bursting, and I don’t want to keep micromanaging apps and photos every time I want to update my iTunes library. #firstworldproblems. If I can get a decent price for my old one then I might go for it when my next chunk of overtime comes in.

Other than that, I just want to collapse in a pile, so you aren’t getting much out of me today, sorry.

internet stalkerOh hang about, does anyone out there (particularly in America) know what the hell has been going on with my blog views over the last day? After nearly a month of 100+ daily views, something I only ever get in Eurovision season, I unexpectedly got two HUGE spikes. 1,084 views yesterday, and at the time of writing 1,014 today. Seems like the extra is from the USA, and my numbers of visitors hasn’t gone up. So it looks like one or two people are reading pretty much EVERYTHING. I don’t think you can read 250-odd blog posts per hour, so it feels like something is amiss.

Any WordPress users know what it might be? Evidence seems to point away from it being a speed-reading American superfan, as disappointing as that is. C’est la vie.

I can’t think of any cat videos I haven’t posted already, so here’s Sophie Ellis Bextor doing an amazing Charleston on Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars, for my American superfan)



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2 responses to “Super size me

  1. Ha! I actually knew your tribe uses Strictly Come Dancing for our DTWS. The UK name has a little more character, but we would probably think it’s a strange name.

    • I never quite understood why we called it that… there used to be a long-running dancing show that finished a few decades ago called “Come Dancing” about ballroom dancing, I only vaguely remember it. I don’t know where the Strictly bit comes from though… “Strictly Ballroom”?

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