Save the day, the Doctor’s turning 50

Think what you will about the direction Doctor Who has taken since its revival in 2005, it has undoubtedly re-asserted itself as one of the BBC’s biggest global brands, and the internet age seems to have amplified its appeal, particularly in the USA where it was pretty much an unknown show not too long ago.

I admit that I’ve started to drift away from the show a little, mainly since Matt Smith took over as the titular timelord. Nothing against him, he’s been a good Doctor, it’s the writing that has put me off. The Russell T Davies years may have been larger than life, and ultimately marooned itself in an ever-increasing spiral of huge set-pieces and cast reunions until David Tennant left after three great seasons, but I enjoyed them a lot more than the current run produced by Steven Moffatt.

The relationships between the Doctor, his companions and their families have been largely replaced by overthought story arcs that seem to be trying to sound clever without making a lot of sense. The number of episodes resolved with a deus ex machina ending is painful, and I just feel that it’s lost some of its human appeal. But still I’m tuning in for now. Especially now.

doctor who anniversary2013 marks 50 years since the debut of the series (let’s not talk about that 16 years during which it was cancelled), and to celebrate there are various TV specials about the show, including “An adventure in time and space”, an original docu-drama about the programme’s origins at the BBC. The centrepiece is a new episode, “The Day of the Doctor”.

This episode will bring together (at least) three Doctors – incumbent Matt Smith, his predecessor David Tennant (with companion Billie Piper), and super-secret new/old Doctor John Hurt revealed in the latest series finale, though nobody knows who he is yet.

All sounds super anyway, and at the very least it will be a very Who-folklore-centric episode for sure, and will probably give us a good idea of the direction the show will go in when Matt Smith leaves the role on Christmas Day, replaced by Peter Capaldi. There are apparently going to be Daleks and Zygons in the mix too. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about the special, apart from this trailer that was aired for the first time today. *squee*


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