Single: Alison Gold – “Chinese Food” (2013)

You know, I wonder how this took so long. After Rebecca Black’s “Friday” reached legendary internet meme status over two years ago, it seemed like the hit-making factory had settled for just one viral hit.

alison gold chinese foodBut the wait is over, and another kid has been given the gift of a starring role in another top drawer pop production. Maybe the market was already flooded with songs about the weekend. Going viral is all about the niche markets. How many songs do you know about Chinese food? Enter Alison Gold.

After a confusing encounter with a Chinese man frying noodles on an unnecessarily large hotplate, he seems to summons a kindly panda to accompany young Alison on an Asian food binge.

Alison loves fried rice, noodles, Chow M-m-m-m-mein too, and promptly orders broccoli and spicy chicken wings(?!). A fortune cookie leads the way to her new panda friend, and they have a roll around in a meadow and have a tickle fight before it’s revealed that it’s an older guy (awkward).

He inevitably launches into a rap, similar to the one he cobbled together for “Friday”. Visual gags ensue, as well as a display of that honourable Chinese tradition of performing geisha (um…).

Well it’s sort of catchy, isn’t it? I’m certainly going to use that “Chow m-m-m-m-mein” thing next time I get takeaway. It’s no “Friday”, but I can relate to it, liking Chinese food myself. With 7.5 million views within 3 days, I can’t be alone.


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